Our hard work has paid off – one year after starting the company, we participated in the mainnet launch of Sui! We continue to run on Ethereum and Solana, build partnerships with liquid staking pools, and look forward to what else we can accomplish in 2023!!

May 2023: Sui mainnet launch

Running a validator during the mainnet launch of Sui was a big moment for H2O Nodes – our first mainnet launch of a major L1 blockchain! We are overjoyed to have the opportunity, and committed to demonstrating great performance on an ongoing basis.

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March 2023: Sui 3rd incentivized testnet

After being onboarded by Mysten Labs, we ran a validator during Sui’s third incentivized testnet.

Image source: Mysten Labs blog

March 2023: Lido DVT testing

After many months of running Obol’s first testnet DVT cluster, we joined another cluster as part of Lido’s 2nd round of DVT-testing efforts. This time, the cluster has 10 participants. (and Lido is organizing 10 clusters!) We’re very impressed with the progress that the Obol team is making.

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Jan 2023: Public Solana validator reaches top-10 rank on

Reaching the top-10 rank on StakeWiz was a sign that we’ve achieved what we set out to do: run a high performing validator out of a minority datacenter, in order to increase the decentralization of the Solana network.

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Dec 2022: Public Solana validator receives Marinade stake

After migrating to v2 of Lido on Solana, we were able to run a public validator on Solana for the first time. A number of epochs later, Marinade’s delegation strategy began to delegate to our high-performing validator.

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Dec 2022: Ranked “Absolute top” on Rated.Network, running MEV Boost on Ethereum

With 99% effectiveness, Rated Network ranks our validator at the “Absolute Top”.

With most of the Ethereum validators already running MEV Boost, we joined the party and began running MEV Boost, using the flashbots relay.

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Oct 2022: Participation in Obol’s first DVT testnet cluster

After spending time with the Obol team during Berlin Blockchain Week, we participated in a decentralized key generation (DKG) ceremony and participated in the launch of their first DVT cluster on testnet.

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Sept 2022: Lido onboarding brings us onto Solana mainnet

We were onboarded to Lido on Solana during the third onboarding wave. Until then, we had only run on testnet due to the non-trivial voting costs associated with running a mainnet Solana validator. We’re very grateful to Lido for giving us the chance to stake their delegation given our lack of history up to that point, and we didn’t let them down.

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Summer 2022: Company formation, Solana testnet, Ethereum beaconchain

After forming our team and putting the company founding process in motion, it was time to see whether we could achieve higher performance on Solana testnet, Ethereum testnet, and eventually also Ethereum mainnet. We had a lot to learn, but each obstacle taught us more about the networks and best practices.