Daniel UrstögerCo-founder, Tech Lead

During his 22-year long career Daniel has served in the roles of CTO and Head of IT, most recently at CHECK24 where he ran on-prem infrastructure before overseeing a migration onto AWS. He made his entrance to crypto working as a contractor, where he gained initial experience with staking infrastructure.

Max Sherwood Co-founder, Managing Director

Max entered the crypto world in 2013 by mining bitcoin, and eventually ran a Proof of Stake node in 2017. With a deep understanding of the industry and experience at custodial and non-custodial crypto service providers, he has emerged as a thought leader in the staking space and understands the challenges that lie ahead.

Dr. Alexander T. Scheuwimmer, MBA Legal & Regulatory

Alexander not only runs his own law firm but is also the president of the Austrian Lawyers Association. His regular contact with the Ministry of Finance ensures that he’s kept up to date with changing regulations, which in Austria currently look very constructive for staking. His multinational background further opens the door for H2O Nodes’ infrastructure decentralization in Asia-Pacific. 

Tobias AlbrechtDevOps Engineer

Tobias began his career in 2008 as a web developer, and since then has led IT teams in roles such as Head of DataCenter and CTO. He also undertakes projects independently as a contractor, where he uses his hands-on mentality to ensure customer satisfaction.

Volker LiederData Center Operations

Volker started his career in 2003 as a Linux System Engineer before eventually starting his own managed cloud service provider company in 2012. This has given him extensive experience running high-performance server infrastructure in data centers.

Sebastian FeldmannDevOps Engineer & Developer

Sebastian began his career in 2004 as a software engineer, and is passionate about automation, performance and maintainable code. He started programming with BASIC on the C64 before moving over to Assembler and C, PHP and JavaScript. Sebastian is an open source contributor and maintainer of the PHP backup utility phpbu and a git hook library called CaptainHook.