Decentralization is more than just a node count

We bring diversity to liquid staking pools by running on-premises infrastructure in underrepresented countries.

Proof of Stake is sustainable.

We pledge to run carbon-neutral validators, by prioritizing green data centers and purchasing offsets for any non-sustainable energy use.


Leading a team with 75 years of DevOps and IT experience is Daniel Urstöger, who previously served as Head of IT at CHECK24 before making his entrance into crypto by working as an independent contractor.

We have an entrepreneurial spirit – each of us either runs our own company, works as an independent contractor, or contributes to open source projects.


Testnet validator est. May 2022
Mainnet validator est. July 2022

Devnet validator est. June 2022


Am Heumarkt 19
Top 6 (Eingang Lagerg.)
Vienna, 1030